d.b.a. Les Amis

Our Story

Les Amis is a company born out of love for fashion. We keep up with the pace of the fast changing fashion trends, always reinventing, thinking always about the comfort of our customers. Always researching for the best styles and for the right fabric to complement it. We work really hard in also providing premium quality garment and also the best customer service possible. Because, just like the brand name Les Amis, we hope that we all become friends… 



Our product

We strive to bring the latest trends with premium quality. As many can tell, we are constantly looking for different looks that can inspire our daily lives with wonderful products and designs. It’s been a long journey for over 20 years in the market of women clothing, our know-how of reinterpreting new looks and tendency’s has always been our major concern. We bring the best quality product at a reasonable pricing, because our main concern is for more women to always feel that they are wearing clothes that is the latest fashion.